"The Usefulness of a Cup, is in it's Emptyness"



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Nature, and by that I mean everything here on earth and in the entire universe, is both beautiful and magical. Some things look best, when viewed from afar, while others reveal their true beauty, when observed from close proximity. It is when you get close enough, that you realize that the "Magic" is in the smallest detail. When it comes to observing, the closer we manage to get, the more answers we will find, about the relation between the universe and (our) existence. What also becomes clear, is that the one, can not exist without the other. There is a universal balance, that must be maintained.

By closely observing nature, one will start to appreciate it's importance, and that we have a duty te preserve it, for ourselves, and for our children. Sadly, one has only to watch the current state our planet is in, to realize that this can not continue any longer, not without very serious consequences. We owe it to nature as well as our children, to act now! However, there are people, who profit from nature's destruction, and they are not about to let go of the wealth this brings them. They are in a dark place, void of beauty.

For those who rather observe nature's magic, and look upon life from a humoristic/sarcastic perspective, in stead of dealing with the worlds sad realities, there are images, satire and quote's that may, or may not, put a smile on your face, and perhaps even a frown here and there. That kinda depends on YOUR perspective on life. The photo's and logo's on this web site, are the accumulation of several years practicing macro-photography and mastering photoshop. I hope you'll enjoy viewing the images, as much as I enjoyed making them...




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