Who does not Like humor and sarcasm? Sometimes we need ridicule to blow of steam or to cope with the world around us
. If it weren't for sarcasm for instance, i'd probably be danglin' on the end of a sturdy rope by now. So without further verbal diarrhea, here (see images below) is my visualised look upon life, expressed with the aid of Photoshop™.

But wait! There's more! Bored? Then here's something for you. Every Image in this section (except for the first three), has a black & white 2faced logo as a watermark. However, in many cases it is very faint, and placed in such a manner that the logo is (sometimes very) hard, but not impossible, to spot. Kinda like "Where's Waldo", but then....not.



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1. This Big!



2. I Swear!



3. Blunt Force



4. iPod Genesis



5. What doesn't kill you...



6. Hanging Out



7. Hot Pussy



8. Bazinga



9. One Word



10. Timing



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